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Our Story

Wedge Whiteboards are a range of British-made, high-quality, double-sided, magnetic & dry-wipe boards. 

The Essential portable resource for all Educational Practitioners, Wedge Whiteboards are a cross-curricular tool designed by Educators to help provide visual and interactive hands-on learning, helping teachers to increase engagement levels and improve learning outcomes.


All our boards are manufactured right here in the UK by our parent company Paul Norman Plastics Limited.


Paul Norman Plastics Limited specializes in providing comprehensive injection moulding solutions to a wide range of industries, from aerospace right through to retail. Working closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, objectives, challenges, and expectations, we work with our clients to provide a fully integrated bespoke service from conceptual prototypes through to full scale production and completion.

Affiliate brands manufactured by Paul Norman Plastics:

Game Guard Gumshields

PNP Breaker Boards

Ersatz Eggs

PNP Railways

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