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Primary Activities E-Book

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Primary Activities E-Book for Practitioners

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A2 & A3 Wedges

A2 & A3 Wedge Whiteboards

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Table Top Easel A2 Wedge

Cultivate dynamic and engaging learning environments with Wedge Whiteboards

These versatile classroom essentials can be used by Teachers to spark students' interest in learning through interactive and informative lessons.Wedge Whiteboards facilitate collaborative group work, fostering a sense of teamwork and exploration. 

In addition, the customizable nature of these boards allows you to cater learning experiences to the needs of individual students. 


Wedge whiteboards enhance the educational experience within your classrooms by allowing you to conduct interactive, captivating, and tailored lessons.

Unlock the power of collaborative learning in your classroom with Wedge Whiteboards. 

Creating a dynamic educational environment through group work is crucial to ensuring students not only absorb information but actively engage with it. As young learners work together, they develop vital social and interpersonal skills, learn how to communicate effectively, and respect diverse perspectives.


Collaboration among students not only strengthens their academic achievements but also nurtures a sense of teamwork and community. Students learn life skills through group work that extends beyond the classroom, preparing them for a future where collaboration is essential.

Empower your students to work effectively in groups with Wedge Whiteboards.

Primary Educaton Maths Group work around a Wedge Magnetic Whiteboard

The portability of Wedge Whiteboards makes group work easier. Through group work in the classroom, students can collaborate with one another and expand their knowledge. 

magnetic board kids
A2 Wedge Red being used by KS1 pupils for collaborative group work


Promote  collaboration amongst students

children whiteboard

Wedge Whiteboards allow you to provide individualized attention and additional support to your pupils so that they can retain information and succeed academically.

A3 Folding Wedge Portrait being used to facilitate group work in KS1 classroom setting

A3 Portable Magnetic Whiteboard

Facilitate Group Activities

By promoting interaction, our double-sided whiteboards boost pupils' concentration and engagement levels, as well as provide endless creative teaching opportunities to make learning fun. This leads to more effective learning, improved memory retention, and encourages self-directed learning, ultimately creating a more enriching educational experience.

Classroom portable white board

What our Customers Say

"Wedge Whiteboards are invaluable in my role as a TA.  The Folding Wedge with the handle is easily transferable for when I take small groups out to consolidate learning."

A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard Grey/Yellow magnetic and dry erase

Wedge Whiteboards Range 

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A3 Wedge Blue for play based learning in nursery setting
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Trusted & approved by 1000’s of nurseries and pre-schools for over 25 years. 

All Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK at our facility in Gloucestershire. 

All Wedge Whiteboards come with a One Year Peace of Mind Warranty. 

A3 Wedge Blue being used in KS1 class for group work by teacher and pupils

A3 Table Top Magnetic Wedge Whiteboard

Perfect for Group Work

A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard Landscape being used by KS1 pupil and teacher in classroom setting

Enhancing Learning Through Small Group Work: Why Wedge Whiteboards Are Essential for Primary Teachers

Primary school classrooms can benefit greatly from wedge whiteboards as a means of facilitating group activities. Collaboration is more authentic and effective than traditional classroom instruction, and by breaking tasks down into parts and steps, teachers can help pupils refine their understanding through discussion and explanation. Wedge Whiteboards enable teachers to encourage active participation and create dynamic learning environments in which students can work together to achieve their goals. Primary school children can reap numerous benefits from collaboration. Teamwork provides children with the opportunity to develop different perspectives, make connections, and build upon each other's ideas. Additionally, they learn how to resolve conflicts effectively and develop essential social skills. The promotion of collaboration in the classroom can improve students' learning, promote their overall development, and enhance their academic performance. With Wedge Whiteboards, you can meet the individualised needs of your students on a cross-curricular level.  With wedge whiteboards, you can explain complex ideas in creative and engaging ways that will help your pupils remember them. Wedge Whiteboards provide a flexible platform for hands-on learning that can enhance your teaching and transform the learning experience of your students, regardless of what subject they are studying. Wedge Whiteboards are designed with children in mind. The familiarity of the dry-erase surface eases any apprehension about making mistakes, as the ease with which work can be erased significantly boosts their confidence. The dual-purpose magnetic and drywipe surface of Wedge Whiteboards adds to their versatility, while the angled nature of the boards makes them ergonomically designed for easy use by pupils. With Wedge Whiteboards, you can create a comfortable and conducive learning environment that encourages pupils to participate and collaborate effectively. We take great pride in manufacturing our Wedge Whiteboards right here in the UK to an exceptionally high standard. Their sturdiness is underpinned by a solid construction and anti-slip rubber feet to ensure durability, making them perfect for everyday use in busy classrooms. Moreover, our whiteboards are lightweight, making them easily portable and allowing you to use them anywhere within your educational setting. Wedge Whiteboards are an excellent tool for providing creative, visual, and interactive, hands-on learning experiences. With their dual-purpose surface, lightweight design, and ergonomic angled shape, they are perfect for engaging pupils in a range of collaborative activities. From brainstorming and mind mapping to problem-solving and group discussions, Wedge Whiteboards can help you unlock the full potential of your pupils' learning, making the educational experience more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved.

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