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EYFS - Mark Making on a Whiteboard

Give your pupils a head start on their journey toward creativity, coordination and writing by incorporating Wedge Whiteboards into your Early Years Setting.

Wedge double-sided, magnetic & dry wipe boards are the perfect resource to help you ignite children's curiosity & engagement through play-based learning, and are ideal for promoting  early creativity through mark-making.

Unleash the full potential of young learners by fostering guided play support with Wedge Whiteboards, and encourage the development of mark-making skills through engaging play.

Initially, young children may be hesitant, but it's through play and making marks that they truly learn about the world.  Foster their natural curiosity and experimental spirit with our range of portable boards.  
Transform their learning experience and set the stage for a dynamic and engaging educational journey with Wedge Whiteboards. 

Wedge Jotter Yellow being used by pre-schooler in garden for mark making

By using Wedge Whiteboards, you can facilitate purposeful play leading to specific learning outcomes.  The benefits of play-based learning to young children are huge during their early development years, as it helps them develop problem solving, social and emotional skills. 

A3 Dry-Wipe Whiteboard - Creative Play
Blue Wedge Jotter being used by pre-schooler to aid with development of fine and gross motor skills


Perfect for developing fine & gross motor skills

A4 Wedge Jotter

Using Wedge Whiteboards allows children to explore a different medium of mark-making. Making marks provides young children with a sensory and physical experience, as they enjoy the sensation of marker pens gliding across the whiteboard. By doing this, children can build critical thinking, brain, and language development, allowing them to build towards more complex learning activities in the future. 

Pink Wedge Jotter being used for drawing by pre-schooler


Encourages creativity & self expression

Unleash Creativity graphic

With Wedge Whiteboards you can effortlessly incorporate play-based learning activities into your Nursery setting, and being portable they can even be used outside for Forest School sessions. When children are young, they enjoy making marks physically but as they develop they realise they can control their marks and their creativity starts to flourish.   

Drawing on a magnetic a4 whiteboard
Wedge Jotter Yellow being used by pre-schooler for mark making and drawing


A fun interactive way for children to explore ideas

Wedge Whiteboards Range 

No Minimum Order 

Free UK Shipping 

Delivery 2 - 3 Working Days

Purchase Direct from the Manufacturer

Preschool child's drawing of his family on Wedge Jotter yellow whiteboard
Authority logo image to reinforce quality of products

Trusted & approved by 1000’s of nurseries and pre-schools for over 25 years. 

All Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK at our facility in Gloucestershire. 

All Wedge Whiteboards come with a One Year Peace of Mind Warranty. 

Pink Wedge Jotter being used for mark making at home by pre schooler and parent


Perfect for Early Years

A3 Yellow Wedge Magnetic Whiteboard

What our Customers Say

decorative image to illustrate customer ratings

 "Our children, and teachers, have thoroughly enjoyed using the wedge whiteboards! They have proven particularly beneficial during carpet time activities, where practitioners are able to sit on the carpet, at children's height, with the class and create something collaboratively, using the board. Thank you so much!" 

A2 Wedge Blue being used by Reception pupils in classroom
A3 Folding Wedge Landscape red/blue being used for play based learning in EYFS primary setting

Unlocking the Power of Play-Based Learning & Mark-Making for an Enriching Environment of Exploration & Discovery

Immerse yourself in the world of play-based learning and mark-making with Wedge Whiteboards, the ultimate tool to ignite young minds. Designed to inspire creativity and foster curiosity, these whiteboards are the perfect addition to any learning environment, be it a classroom, a playroom, or a child-minding space.  Creativity and exploration are central to the Early Years framework, as children are encouraged to discover new interests, it helps them develop a flexible and high-level thinking process necessary for little learners in today's world. With Wedge Whiteboards, children are encouraged to freely express themselves and explore their surroundings through play. By integrating Wedge Whiteboards in your play-based learning activities, children will enjoy and develop confidence with mark making, helping you to create a positive attitude towards learning and promote imagination.  Children can use dry-erase markers to make marks, draw pictures, or write words, giving them the freedom to experiment, create, and learn in a fun and interactive way. Wedge Whiteboards are a cross-curricular range of resources that will assist you in demonstrating letter and number formation, drawing story maps, and explaining ideas in a creative and engaging manner so that children will be able to comprehend and retain complex information easily. Young children learn best through visual learning strategies and storytelling. In order for children to internalize how they feel, they need to be able to see what behaviours look like. In addition to being a tool for creative expression, wedge whiteboards also serve as a way to engage children in hands-on learning.  With both a magnetic and dry erase surface, Wedge Whiteboards are extremely versatile, and the angled design makes them ergonomically easy to use, helping children develop their gross and fine motor skills. By manipulating the markers, children can practice fine motor skills and improve their coordination and dexterity. As they experiment with different markings on the whiteboard, they can also learn about colours, shapes, and letters. The learning opportunities are endless. In addition to supporting play-based learning, Wedge Whiteboards are also ideal for mark-making, allowing children to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and ideas. Whether it's a scribble, a doodle, or a carefully crafted masterpiece, Wedge Whiteboards provide a blank canvas for children to convey their unique perspectives and develop their own voices.  Children naturally gravitate towards dry-wipe whiteboards and since the work on the board can be easily erased, children will be less reluctant about making mistakes, helping you to build up their confidence. Wedge Whiteboards help you create an environment of exploration and discovery essential for early childhood development by encouraging open-ended play, fostering creativity, and promoting active learning. Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK to an exceptionally high standard. Their sturdiness is underpinned by a solid construction and anti-slip rubber feet. Our range of boards are light in weight making them easily portable allowing you to move them anywhere within your nursery setting and are great for close proximity teaching. Unlock the power of play-based learning and mark-making with Wedge Whiteboards, and watch as children embark on a journey of imagination, discovery, and self-expression. Let their creativity soar as they explore the world around them and witness the joy and excitement of learning come to life on these interactive whiteboards. Buy Wedge Whiteboards today and create an enriching environment where your children can thrive.

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