Wedge Jotter Pack

Wedge Jotter Pack

Educational toy and learning aid suitable for children aged 3 and up. Great for early childhood, primary school, or home-schooling. This high-quality, dry-erase, magnetic board is designed for children but is also suitable for teenagers and adults. The Wedge Jotter can be used either as a lapboard or on the table-top and features a magnetic & dry-wipe writing area which is 15% larger than an A4 sheet. Whiteboard area – 320mm x 225mm.


When raising the board using the legs either in a portrait or landscape position, a sloped writing surface is created, which helps children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and to explore mark-making or practice their handwriting.  When used in an angled position, the boards are ergonomically comfortable for children suffering from conditions such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.


The Wedge Jotter is a fun way to encourage children to write, promoting self-correction which helps build self-confidence in children. With a writing area 15% larger than an A4 sheet (whiteboard area - 320mm x 225mm) the Wedge Jotter can be used by both left and right-handed users. An excellent teaching tool for children to practice their handwriting, it can also be used for mark making or drawing to make them more creative, suitable for KS1 and early years pair it with magnetic lower/upper case letters, phonics, and numbers, and can be used to play classic games like noughts and crosses or hangman, thus reducing screen time.


The Wedge Jotter is manufactured in the UK to an exceptionally high standard, with no comparison to cheap alternatives. Solid construction and anti-slip rubber feet ensure their durability. As it is light in weight, you can move it anywhere across your educational setting or at home.



Angled Dry-Wipe Whiteboard with built-in flip-out legs that provide an excellent writing slope, enabling children to work and write at an ideal angle. Children (and adults) with dyslexia and dyspraxia benefit from writing slopes by writing at an optimum angle. Wedge Jotter's slope is set at an angle (15° landscape / 10° portrait). Therapists will look at a child's positioning when they're diagnosing handwriting problems.   If a child slouches, their shoulder and arm positions will be affected, which in turn affects their handwriting. Positioning is easier with an angled board, such as the Wedge Jotter.


Wedge Jotter boards facilitate purposeful play to achieve intended learning outcomes. Children benefit from play-based learning during their early developmental years, which helps them to develop problem-solving, social, and emotional abilities.


Wedge Jotters are perfect for homeschooling since they make excellent lap boards that can be used anywhere, which is perfect for children who don't like working at a desk or in a confined area.


Wedge Jotter whiteboards are portable, they can be used throughout your early years setting or at home, and they can easily be incorporated into play-based learning activities. Initially, children gain pleasure from the physical activity of marking, but as they grow, they find that they can control their marks and their creativity flourishes.


Children can use wedge jotter boards to experiment with a different way of marking. The tactile experience of making marks is particularly appealing to young children, as they enjoy the feeling of marker pens gliding across a whiteboard. As a result, children's critical thinking, brain, and language development are enhanced, giving them the tools to handle more complex tasks in the future.



Available in Pink, Red, Blue & Yellow

Set contains x1 Wedge Jotter Magnetic Whiteboard, x4 Dry-wipe pens in black, green, red, and blue, and x1 magnetic dry-erase rubber. Suitable for Children Aged 3 upwards

Conforms to EN71 Toy Safety Regulations

Extremely Durable: Heavy-duty board with strong edges and corners Magnetic & Dry Wipe Writing Surface 15% larger than A4 Sheet Whiteboard area – 320mm x 225mm

Integrated flip-out legs with anti-slip rubber feet to prevent the board from sliding across the table. Folds flat for easy storage. Easy to photocopy.

Features hanging points enabling the board to be wall-mounted either horizontally or vertically motivating pupils to produce a high standard of work.


Made in the UK


To keep your wedge whiteboard in tip-top condition, clean with a whiteboard cleaner.