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Table Top Easel A2 Wedge

Bring collaboration, customised learning, and active engagement to your SEN teaching with Wedge Whiteboards  

Our double-sided, mobile boards are perfect for small groups or 1:1 work, enabling you to break down lessons, scaffold understanding, and naturally facilitate active engagement.  Using Wedge Whiteboards, students of all abilities will be able to seamlessly connect and share ideas.

Tailor lessons to meet every learner's unique needs, creating a truly personalized learning experience.

Transform your SEN teaching environment into an exciting arena of possibilities, where active engagement flourishes, and every student can thrive!

In special education (SEN) classrooms, portable whiteboards prove indispensable for meeting the diverse needs of learners.

Designed to facilitate collaborative group activities, their modest size allows for easy interaction, idea-sharing, and effective teamwork among students.

Wedge whiteboards are versatile canvasses for tailoring lessons to each individual's unique needs in SEN education, where the customization of learning experiences holds utmost importance.  

Their mobility and versatility also encourage engagement, enabling dynamic and inclusive learning environments.


Wedge Whiteboards facilitate collaboration and personalize student learning pathways, fostering heightened engagement in SEN classrooms.

Primary Educaton Maths Group work around a Wedge Magnetic Whiteboard

Wedge Whiteboards empower educators to break lessons down, tailor learning, and offer individual attention to SEN students, ultimately enhancing their likelihood of retaining information and progressing academically.

Teaching aid for English
one to one teaching sen

By promoting interaction, our double-sided whiteboards boost pupils' concentration and engagement levels, as well as provide endless creative teaching opportunities to make learning fun. This leads to more effective learning, improved memory retention, and encourages self-directed learning, ultimately creating a more enriching educational experience.

Wedge Whiteboards, being portable, are ideal for small-group interventions, providing SEN students with opportunities for targeted group work that fosters collaboration and enhances their knowledge and understanding of a subject, ultimately contributing to improved learning outcomes.

A2 Wedge Red double-sided whiteboard being used for small group intervention with SEN pupils in classroom
Children working in a small group at primary school

What our Customers Say

"This is one of our best buys to date, we have two, one we gave to our sons school and one for home.  Our youngest son (5 years old) who has cerebral palsy.  Whilst we are lucky enough to have him in mainstream education he suffers with fine motor control so holding a pencil and writing on a flat surface is almost impossible and also painful, with the Wedge it's so much better the product is solid, it's not flimsy or easy to push over , it sits nicely on the desk and allows his teachers to photograph his work to create a physical copy.  We do have touch screens etc. but as he can't always apply the correct pressure to the screen the Wedge is a perfect compromise.  The Wedge has helped tremendously with our sons writing and drawing over the last few months and for any parent in a similar position I would highly recommend this board."

A2 Wedge Whiteboard red double sided magnetic dry erase
A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard red/Blue landscape being used by SEN pupil with SENDCO in classroom

The Transformative Power of Small Whiteboards in SEN Teaching

With 1.4 million pupils in English schools identified with SEN, we recognize the critical need for tailored learning. SEN teaching revolves around understanding and meeting the unique needs of individual pupils. Wedge Whiteboards, is a cross-curricular resource, that seamlessly align with this mission, aiding educators in addressing the individual learning needs of SEN students. Wedge Whiteboards, with their dual-purpose surface featuring both magnetic and dry erase capabilities, offer exceptional versatility. The angled design enhances their ergonomic ease of use, particularly beneficial for children facing conditions like dyslexia or dysgraphia. Wedge Whiteboards serve as a safe and versatile space, allowing educators to model and explain success criteria to pupils, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK to an exceptionally high standard.  Their sturdiness is underpinned by a solid construction and anti-slip rubber feet.  Our range of boards are light in weight making them easily portable allowing you to provide support anywhere throughout your educational setting.      With Wedge Whiteboards, it's easy to provide tailored and interactive learning experiences.

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