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Red Wedge Jotter being used by parent to help child with homework
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Home Ed Magnetic White bord

Welcome to a new dimension of home learning support!

Wedge whiteboards are the perfect tool to assist your child's educational journey at home.


With these versatile boards, you can present information to your child in a way that encourages active participation and ensures positive learning experiences.


Say goodbye to academic struggles – empower your child to stay on track and thrive with Wedge Whiteboards.

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Helping with home work

Support your child's learning journey at home with Wedge Whiteboards.

Engage in collaborative activities, reinforce key concepts, and make learning a fun and enjoyable experience with this versatile resource.

With their portable design, these children's whiteboards can be used anywhere within your home. The boards not only promotes creativity but also encourages active participation, making them an invaluable ally in creating a positive and supportive home learning environment for children. Whether reinforcing math problems, practicing spelling, or exploring new ideas together, Wedge Whiteboards enhance the educational experience in the comfort of your home.

Wedge Whiteboards allow you to customize learning content based on your child's needs, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material and increasing the likelihood of information retention and academic success.

A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard for tutoring children
Blue Wedge Jotter
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By promoting interaction, our double-sided whiteboards boost your child's concentration and engagement levels, as well as provide endless creative teaching opportunities to make learning fun. This leads to more effective learning, improved memory retention, and encourages self-directed learning, ultimately creating a more enriching educational experience.

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Educating your child at home using Wedge Whiteboards nurtures meaningful learning experiences. This interactive resource promotes active engagement, enabling your child to practically absorb, apply, and comprehend information. Meaningful learning, in turn, strengthens retention, establishing a robust foundation for future academic success.  Wedge Whiteboards facilitate hands-on activities and encourage creative exploration, fostering an enjoyable and memorable learning process. Prioritising meaningful experiences cultivates curiosity, critical thinking, and instills a lifelong love of learning in your child.

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The essential portable resource for all Early Years Practitioners. 

Trusted & approved by 1000’s of nurseries and pre-schools for over 25 years. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK at our facility in Gloucestershire. 

Buy with confidence directly from us, the manufacturer. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards come with a One Year Peace of Mind Warranty. 

What our Customers Say

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"Bought this for my daughter to home school and she loves it.” 

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Wedge Whiteboards Range 

No Minimum Order  |  Free UK Economy Shipping  |  Delivery 7-10 Working Days

Wedge Jotter red used on table top by child to practice spellings at home

Make Your Home Education Journey Easier with Wedge Whiteboards

As Home Education evolves, Wedge Whiteboards have become indispensable tools, enriching the learning experience for both students and educators. The benefits of this compact and versatile resource make it indispensable for Home Education. A standout advantage of small portable whiteboards is their ability to customise learning experiences. Educators and parents can tailor lessons to address the specific challenges and strengths of individual learners. This adaptability ensures that each student receives a personalised educational journey, optimizing their understanding and retention of the material. Wedge Whiteboards also promote active engagement. These dynamic tools encourage students to actively participate in lessons, transforming the learning environment into an interactive space within the home. Utilizing whiteboards enhances the educational process by engaging learners' attention and fostering an interest in active learning. Meaningful Learning, a cornerstone of effective education, is greatly enhanced by Wedge Whiteboards. By providing a hands-on approach to learning, these whiteboards create opportunities for practical application and comprehension. This experiential learning not only enhances retention but also lays a robust foundation for future academic success, ensuring that knowledge gained is not only understood but also meaningful and relevant. In Home Ed teaching, Wedge Whiteboards become essential companions on the journey of personalised education. Their adaptability, engagement-promoting qualities, and contribution to meaningful learning make them instrumental in creating a dynamic, customised, and enriching learning environment within the home. In the ever-changing landscape of education, these versatile tools stand as allies, unlocking the full educational potential of every student.

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