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A2 Wedge being used for math in class

Are you looking for a resource that you can use to visually explain strategies and tactics on and off the pitch?     

Game Plan is the perfect team player.  Our double-sided, magnetic & dry-wipe portable boards are the ideal resource for sporting events, classrooms and on the pitch.   

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Game Plan Set

Are some of your students having difficulty understanding strategies and tactics?   


Students' learning styles have a significant impact on their ability to comprehend and apply what is taught.  


Game plan allows you to visually demonstrate tactics and strategies wherever you are.  

Game Plan whiteboards allow you to modify your teaching styles and customise learning to meet the different learner styles and differentiate tasks to suit all abilities.   This will allow you to offer equal opportunities to all students.   

A4 Wedge Blue Jotter
A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard being used for tutoring

Our double-sided whiteboards help you to gain students attention by visually explaining strategies and tactics and getting everyone involved in the tasks.  This will naturally promote discussions enabling students to actively engage in lesson content and help you to make lessons enjoyable for all abilities.   

The double-sided, portable nature of game plan whiteboards makes them ideal for providing two-way and guided written feedback.   It is very important for students to be given appropriate feedback because it affects skills-learning.  

Teacher and pupil using A3 Folding Wedge Landscape red/blue in classroom

Wedge Whiteboards Range 

No Minimum Order  |  Free UK Shipping  |  Delivery 7-10 Working Days

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The essential portable resource for all Early Years Practitioners. 

Trusted & approved by 1000’s of nurseries and pre-schools for over 25 years. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK at our facility in Gloucestershire. 

Buy with confidence directly from us, the manufacturer. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards come with a One Year Peace of Mind Warranty. 

A2 Folding Wedge Landscape Blue/Grey

What our Customers Say

"As a PE Teacher, I use my A2 Wedge Whiteboard and pitch overlays daily in lessons to demonstrate tactics and strategies both on and off the field.  The board is lightweight but sturdy, and the handle allows me to carry it anywhere.  In addition to keeping score, it also serves as a display sign during sports events.

A3 Folding Wedge Landscape red/blue

We understand the necessity for a portable strategy resource set specifically for PE lessons. 

Physical education is very important to students as it improves their health and well-being and teaches key life skills.  PE is not a favourite subject for every student, and this lack of interest can influence their concentration levels, behaviour and ultimately their progress.  Game Plan is the perfect strategy resource set that you can use on and off the pitch that will help you to meet students customised learning needs.  Visually presenting strategies and tactics with the board helps improve concentration and facilitates active engagement amongst students, resulting in improved attitudes and performance.  Dry-erase whiteboards are familiar to pupils, and since their work can easily be erased, they are less likely to be apprehensive about providing feedback. Since our boards are double-sided, you can also provide observations and commentary.  The dual-purpose surface, both magnetic and drywipe, of Wedge Whiteboards makes them extremely versatile and the angled nature of the boards make them ergonomically very easy to use.    Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK to an exceptionally high standard.  Their sturdiness is underpinned by a solid construction and anti-slip rubber feet.  Our range of boards are light in weight making them easily portable allowing you to use them anywhere across your educational setting.     Providing visual and interactive coaching is easy with Game Plan.

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