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Boy being tutored with A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard landscape
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Tutoring with A3 Folding Wedge Landscape portable double sided dry erase
Tutoring with an A3 Folding Wedge Landscape

Enhance the effectiveness of your tutoring sessions with Wedge Whiteboards.

These versatile boards, empower Tutors to visually clarify concepts, foster collaborative problem-solving, and encourage active participation in the learning process. With their compact, double-sided design, this tutoring tool facilitates personalised instruction and focused practice, enriching your tutoring experience.


Whether solidifying foundational concepts, refining problem-solving skills, or fostering creative expression, Wedge Whiteboards are an essential resource in creating an interactive and efficient learning environment.
Transform your tutoring sessions into visual and interactive experiences that spark curiosity and deepen understanding.

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A3 Folding Wedge Landscape being used for homework planning

Wedge Whiteboards empower tutors to tailor their instruction to meet the unique needs of their students. This versatile resource functions as an ideal canvas for a variety of activities, ensuring active engagement and fostering a thorough understanding of subjects. Whether used for illustrating complex concepts, facilitating interactive discussions, or practicing key skills, Wedge Whiteboards prove to be a valuable resource in preventing academic setbacks and assisting with exam preparation. By accommodating diverse learning styles, Wedge Whiteboards enable tutors to create a supportive environment that not only enhances comprehension but also motivates students to excel academically.

Wedge Whiteboards allow you to customize learning content based on your student's needs, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material and increasing the likelihood of information retention and academic success.

Home learning yellow wedge jotter being used as lapboard

By promoting interaction, our double-sided whiteboards boost your students' concentration and engagement levels, as well as provide endless creative teaching opportunities to make learning fun. This leads to more effective learning, improved memory retention, and encourages self-directed learning, ultimately creating a more enriching educational experience.

A3 Folding Wedge landscape grey/black being used for homework

Every student is familiar with dry-wipe whiteboards, and our portable boards offer the flexibility to provide tutoring anywhere. By merging a well-known resource with a secure learning environment, you not only make your students feel at ease but also contribute to building their confidence and enhancing their learning outcomes.

A3 Folding Wedge Whiteboard landscape red/blue teacher pupil
A3 Folding Wedge Portrait red/blue small group work in primary school class
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The essential portable resource for all Early Years Practitioners. 

Trusted & approved by 1000’s of nurseries and pre-schools for over 25 years. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards are manufactured right here in the UK at our facility in Gloucestershire. 

Buy with confidence directly from us, the manufacturer. 

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All Wedge Whiteboards come with a One Year Peace of Mind Warranty. 

What our Customers Say

“My Wedge Whiteboard has been invaluable to aid my private tutoring with young children.  It offers a fun way to interact with the students and play educational games together and provides plenty of space for clearly working through methods, allowing my students to view as they work independently.”

A3 Wedge Blue

Wedge Whiteboards Range 

No Minimum Order  |  Free UK Economy Shipping  |  Delivery 7-10 Working Days

A3 Folding Wedge Landscape red/blue used in primary school

Transform your Tutoring Sessions with Wedge Whiteboards

With Wedge Whiteboards, your tutoring sessions will be transformed into dynamic, interactive, and effective learning experiences. Our whiteboards provide a versatile platform for tailored instruction, allowing you to adapt and customise your teaching methods based on your students unique needs. The boards can be easily used to illustrate complex concepts, break down problems, and offer personalised feedback—all on a compact, easily transportable surface. Boost comprehension and instill confidence in your students as they navigate challenging subjects. Experience a shift in tutoring dynamics with the interactive nature of our double-sided whiteboards. Prompt students to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and illustrate their understanding, fostering collaborative problem-solving. Observe how sessions become increasingly engaging and assist students in making deeper connections to the material, leading to better retention and mastery. Wedge portable and double-sided whiteboards create a comfortable learning environment, breaking down potential barriers, allowing students to feel at ease during tutoring sessions. As familiarity grows, so does confidence, empowering students to express themselves, ask questions, and actively participate in their learning journey. Create dynamic, interactive tutoring sessions that leave a lasting impression on students' educational journeys.

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