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EYFS Activities E-Book

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EYFS Activities E Book for Practitioners

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A2 & A3 Wedges

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 High Quality, British Made
Magnetic & Dry-Wipe Whiteboards

Endless creative teaching possibilities with this classroom essential resource

The Sky's the Limit

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Educators need Wedge Whiteboards in every Classroom


For Early Years Practitioners, Wedge Whiteboards are the perfect resource, promoting play-based learning and providing little learners with an ideal platform for experimentation with mark-making. 

EYFS - Mark Making on a Whiteboard
children working on double sided whiteboard


With Wedge Whiteboards, Primary school Teachers can foster active student engagement in informative and interactive lessons, encourage collaborative group working, and customise learning experiences.   


Wedge Whiteboards are the perfect tool for delivering customised content and encouraging active engagement to individual students or small groups in special educational settings.

SEN Teacher helping child on whiteboard
Home education child working on Wedge Jotter whiteboard


Enhance your child's home learning experience with Wedge Whiteboards allowing you to personalise their learning, promote active participation, and contribute to their academic success.


Enhance your student's learning experience with Wedge Whiteboards, allowing you to personalise  learning, promote active participation , and contribute to their academic success.

Child being tutored on whiteboard
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If you sell educational resources, you need Wedge Whiteboards.  Including Wedge Whiteboards in your range will boost sales, increase customer loyalty and increase profits.

A2 Folding Wedge Landscape whiteboard red/blue in Primary setting


Perfect for Primary Education

Wedge Whiteboards Range 

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A2 Wedge Blue used for home learning
A3 Mobile Folding Dry-Wipe Board

What our Customers Say

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"Wedge Whiteboards are invaluable in my role as a TA.  The Folding Wedge with the handle is easily transferable for when I take small groups out to consolidate learning."

Wedge Jotter perfect for early learning


Perfect for Early Years

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